An executive coaching consultancy
with one focus: guiding
professionals through highly
intentional and uncompromising
career transitions.

We believe you don’t need to choose between intrinsic fulfillment and extrinsic success. By combining your unique offering with our extensive knowledge of the organizational landscape, we help you shape opportunities aligned with your highest vision of success.



Geri Ramsay’s passion for helping professionals drive their careers grew over two decades dedicated to facilitating congruent and mutually rewarding relationships between organizations and individuals.

We know a thing or two about navigating successful career transitions; we want you to know them too. We know your horizon is broader than you think and that compromise is unnecessary. We know your individuality is your greatest asset and your fulfillment your greatest contribution. And, with our extensive knowledge of the organizational landscape, we know how to bring who you are, and what you deeply value, to your career.



It was a sign of things to come when at age ten, Geri willfully pedalled to the local stables in search of employment and triumphantly realized her dream of working with horses.

Since then, Geri has spent her career at the intersection of individual fulfillment and organizational success. An accountant, professional recruiter and executive coach, she developed award-winning teams for a Fortune 500, built one of Vancouver’s most respected financial recruitment firms, pioneered a first-of-its-kind mentoring program for women in career transition, and became a trusted partner to many of Canada’s leading corporations.

Geri brings over 25 years of experience to working one-on-one with professionals through uncompromising career transitions, bringing her insider knowledge to translating each client’s unique offerings to a ready market.

Geri lives with her husband George on the Salt Spring Island farm they share with an abundance of wildlife and where she continues to indulge her passion for horses with her two beloved liberty mares, Lucy and Libby.


Geri Ramsay brings a blend of coaching and consultancy to each client partnership. The coach approach allows you to pause, reflect on and anchor the future you’re committed to creating. Our consultancy provides context, expertise and guidance in navigating the path to your intended result. Using your vision of success, and with a clear approach laid out, together we drive this co-created and targeted strategy, arriving where you want to be, when you want to be there.


Career Transition

This individually tailored six-month program provides the personal support, tools, skills and knowledge required to make a highly intentional and uncompromising transition.

Beginning with the end in mind, we facilitate a discovery process that crystallizes your personal definition of success and unique approach: who you are, what you do and what you deeply value. We combine the results of this exploration with our extensive knowledge of the marketplace to defining your career goal – specific enough to provide clear focus, open enough to provide multiple avenues of opportunity.

We then create seamless messaging through written and verbal communication, crafting resonant materials and preparing you to confidently share your story in all interactions, from networking to interviews and negotiations.

Together, we will identify organizations and opportunities aligned with your goal, targeting decision makers and driving a process that, with our proven methodology, expertise and support, will allow you to reach your goal.

During this comprehensive program, Geri Ramsay closely stewards your goal and brings her insights and expertise to every component of the process including:

  • Strengths and Skills Assessment
  • Career Goal Development
  • Resume & Materials Creation
  • Identification of Target Organizations and Contacts
  • Roll Out of Materials and Proposals
  • Interview Preparation & Follow Through
  • Role Collaboration & Contract Negotiation
  • Onboarding Plan
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Resume Creation

Distilling your professional life, ambitions and strengths into a two-page document can be a daunting task. It’s also an essential one. A fresh and carefully crafted resume stands out, opens doors and provides for highly productive interviews.

A skilled writer and expert in recruitment, Geri Ramsay brings her in-depth discovery process to resume development, clarifying then translating your unique offering, contributions and aspirations into a compelling resume.

We work together throughout the process to ensure your personality and style are reflected in a document to which you can speak with ease. By focusing on succinctly capturing the skills, experience, qualities and achievements relevant to your desired role, this resume will engage your target audience and create pathways to an ideal opportunity.

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Onboarding & Inboarding

Confidently and expertly navigate your promotion with a four-month program that cultivates your strengths, strategy, relationships and action plan for this next journey.

Whether making an internal step up or moving into a new organization, you bring to your promotion the strengths, behaviours and winning strategy that led to this opportunity. Balancing your talents with systematically thinking about the requirements in this new environment will enable all future successes.

Geri Ramsay works with you during the critical first 90 days, helping you to understand the impact of transition on all stakeholders, which strengths and behaviours to call forward, and how best to approach the current situation. In working with Geri you have an objective strategic partner with whom you can confidently navigate a successful transition – both personally and professionally.

This program will help you to develop robust working relationships and build your foundation for success with components including:

  • Diagnosing the situation and learning curve
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges
  • Aligning strategy and objectives
  • Developing productive partnerships
  • Securing early wins
  • Execution of transition plan
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Whether by choice or through unexpected circumstance, navigating a career transition while unemployed can be fraught with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety – emotions that can unnecessarily lead to compromising your values and career goals.

This six-month program offers a positive and focused course of action designed to achieve a timely, specific and compelling career goal.

Geri Ramsay will walk shoulder to shoulder with you, providing unwavering support and inside knowledge of the marketplace within components including:

  • Strengths and Skills Assessment
  • Career Goal Development
  • Resume & Materials Writing
  • Identification of Target Organizations and Contacts
  • Roll Out of Materials and Proposals
  • Interview Preparation & Follow Through
  • Role Collaboration & Contract Negotiation
  • Onboarding Plan
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  • "Geri was OUTSTANDING in every sense of the word. The reason we chose Geri - she's feisty enough to push but diplomatic enough not to be overly pushy. I've been exposed to several coaches and she's by far the best." B. Moore, Director of Human Resources, Fortune 500
  • “Geri was extremely focused and knowledgeable of the current market and what organizations look for. Her greatest strengths were supporting me in creating my ideal role and keeping me on track and focused during those moments when I might have knee-jerked into a less than ideal situation. Looking back on this experience, I wish I had worked with a coach 10 years ago. If anyone asks me for a referral, I recommend Geri." S. Hussey, Director of Sales, Wholesale/Distribution
  • “I would be honored to recommend Geri to anyone seeking an executive coach who cares and who can actually make a difference and create results.” F. Song, CMA, MBA, Technology
  • “Geri went beyond my self-imposed limitations and showed me my potential. She took my fears and turned them into choices for action…this was invaluable. Her commitment to my goal was rock solid. She never wavered...even when I did.” R. Casavant, Human Resources Advisor, Internal Management Consultant, Municipality
  • "I am really, really happy with the coaching experience for our employee. I think it was an absolute home run in terms of achieving the objectives he set for himself.  We received great validation as well from his concluding 360 survey. This investment was well worth it!" M. Lamb, General Manager, Global Service Provider
  • "Geri has a perfect blend of ruthless compassion and engaged presence that allowed me to tap into parts of my potential I wasn't even aware of. This partnership gave me the courage to achieve goals that I never thought possible and the desire to keep moving forward in creating an extraordinary work and personal life." J. Denomme, Entrepreneur
  • "Without Geri, I do not think I would have been able to accomplish my objectives in such a short period of time. I feel I have known Geri for years and feel so comfortable sharing all my situations with her. She is very caring and genuine. She listens and really makes me work for the answers, which helped tremendously in accomplishing my goals" J. Friesen, Communications Director, Global Nonprofit


Successful career transitions result from meaningful conversations… Let’s have one!
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