Packing for Career Transition: A Checklist

Geri Ramsay Blog #2

Just as we plan our vacations, thinking about where in the world we want to go and when, our budget and what to bring, so do we want to plan for a smooth, enjoyable and successful career transition.

In the last post, I suggested a couple of items be left behind on this journey. When it comes to uncompromising career transitions, there isn’t room for any expectations or assumptions around what is or is not possible. They’ll only weight you down and hold you back from creating a truly fulfilling opportunity. On this trip, you’ll want to travel light. And on that note, let the internal judge and critic know they can’t come either!

To aid you in efficiently packing for career transition, we’re providing you with an at-a-glance checklist so you can have everything in order and only what you need.

    • Vision Goggles: During the first leg of your transition journey, you’ll be spending a good bit of time up in the air building your “castle” and crystallizing your inspired, blue sky vision of success. We’ll go deeper into visioning in coming posts and these special goggles will keep your mind focused squarely on where you’re going and why it’s essential to go there.
    • A Pair of Champions: For those of you who aren’t travelling with an executive coach, it’s highly recommended you stuff two objective and agenda-free champions of the highest quality into your carry-on. These will be your accountability partners, they’ll help you hone your messaging, hold the bar high and keep you from wavering on your vision. Make sure they’re durable all-weather champions.
    • A Trusted & Respected Guide: Along the way, you’ll want an expert who knows you and what you’re up to, the lay of the land, and how to navigate its terrain so you can give your vision legs. You’ll want this person to be a possibility thinker unhampered by convention – a “how can we get you there” ally. This can be a well-travelled expert in your chosen field, an open-minded and unbiased recruiter, or anyone you know who has your best interests at heart and a wealth of relevant experience.
    • Mettle: You’ll want to pack every ounce of mettle you can lay your hands on. Taking a stand for an uncompromising career transition and creating opportunities fully aligned with who you are and what you value takes conviction and courage. We’ll talk soon about creating a career vision so compelling that it sustains your mettle but in the meantime, start stocking up and let those champions know you’re reserving theirs too!
    • An Open Mind: Last but certainly not least, your open mind will make an ideal travelling companion. You will be learning a great deal on this journey and your curious mind will allow you to see yourself, the landscape and its opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Once you’ve got these bags packed, you’ll be ready to embark on discovering your career vision. Before we take off, I’ll be sharing in the next post insights from a young professional who has taken this journey so you’ll have the benefit of her experience.